Main components of Bansei are plants.

Ingredients are botanical components, mainly based on Japanese knotweed, persimmon leaves, Artemisia.

Bansei soap“Miracle Cleaning Powder” rinsing water becomes feed for fish and cleanses the river.

Great gift from nature;
Amazing power, plant extracted liquid, “Bansei”

What is “Bansei Liquid?”
Herbs which are contained in “Bansei”
What are the feature of Bansei
What are the ingredients of the products?
eodorization test data
Always keep creating fresh air; a new idea and countermeasures against sick houses
What is Sick House Syndrome?

What is “Bansei liquid”?
100% made from plant components.  Mix plant components extracted from Japanese knotweed, persimmon leaves, mugwort and other plants which were once used as herbal medicine using our own unique blend and method.
We studied and learned about the miraculous natural power that herbs hold through 15 years of trial and error.  “Bansei Liquid” holds the wish from the developer for people to have comfortable and healthy life.

Herbs contained in “Bansei”

Japanese knotweed
Japanese knotweed, Itadori, its name comes from “itai (pain) dori (take out)” which means removing the pain.  It is said that Itadori has miraculous effect for the skin problems and stop bleeding and ease the pain when you put its young soft leaves on the injury.

Artemisia is effective for stiff shoulders, nerve pain, chilblains, and hemorrhoids, sensitive to cold, lower back pain, fatigue recovery.  Artemisia had also been used as hemostat for scratches and cuts. This is because of the sterilizing effect of Artemisia.

Persimmon leave
Rich in vitamin C which disinfects the skin, it is also said to be effective for removing the active oxygen.  It is a popular cure in Korea for warming up your body from the core and also good for the period pain, menopause, lower back pain, nerve pain, dry skin or hemorrhoid.

To use and to be used “Bansei”, what is its feature?

Refresh the room air
Eliminate various daily room odors (odor of chemical substances generated from building materials, tobacco, food waste) and keep the room air clean.

Remedy for sick house problem
Toxic chemical substances such as formaldehyde can be returned to nature by using the products mixed with Bansei Liquid.

Control everything from oxidization
Dissolve and remove the toxic active oxygen.  Eliminating active oxygen which causes the body oxidization will promote anti-aging.

Bansei Liquid is already utilized for building ecological houses, additive-free soap and cream, handmade earthenware and other housewares. It produces amazing effects in various scenes and is appreciated.

Bansei Liquid has a result of data on acute aquatic toxicity tests for containing more than 20000mg of LD50 (No. 103013129-002, April 10, 2003 issue)

Original data which are the base of each product
Plant origin functional material (additives)
“Bansei” has 3 types, liquid, powder, and solid which can be mixed with almost anything and is popular among the fancier of natural products.


Product name: “Bansei”liquid
Effects and characteristics:

<Control oxidization>

<Odor eliminating effect>
<Antibacterial effect>
<Reducing action of toxic chemical substances>
How to use:Mix the additive to undiluted liquid you are using or dipping to the liquid materials you are using.



Product name: “BANSEI” Powder
Effects and characteristics:
<Control oxidation>

<Odor eliminating effect>
<Antibacterial effect>
<Reduce toxic chemical substances>
 How to use:  Mix with the powder materials you are using,
mix with resin materials you are using


“Bansei” Masterbatch
(Chipped resin)
Product name:  “Bansei” Masterbatch
Effects and characteristics:

<Control oxidization>
<Odor eliminating effect>

<Antibacterial effect>
<Reducing action of toxic chemical substances>
<Maintain freshness>
How to use:  mix with resin materials you are using

“Bansei” deodorization test data

-Ammonia gas removal efficiency test result:
The strength dropped from 100ppm to 19ppm/2hrs.

Reduced rate: 78%


-Acetic acid gas removal efficiency test result
Acetic acid density 50ppm, 2hrs later, the density reduced to 2.2ppm, decrement 92%
-Isovaleric acid gas removal efficiency test result, decrement more than 99%
-“Bansei” odor-eliminating test data
Bansei processing cloth (black cloth)

Non-processing product

Test organization:  Kaken Test Center General Incorporated Foundation

Currently, “Bansei”, natural additives, can be mixed with various materials.
Bansei is available in liquid form and master batch (solid chip); they can be added to your existing products and also to your new products.  Why not consider using “Bansei” to your products?  It has odor-eliminating effect, antibacterial effect, reduce-bacteria effect, antioxidant effect.  We worked on developing and producing a master batch (solid chip) with special effect, and now we are actually able to produce them.  Therefore, master batch additives (solid chip) are also available to be added to various products as well.
Liquid as well as master batch (solid chip) are available to be used in various field, why not joining us to create new and unique products and introduce them to the world?  We sincerely hope Bansei to be used in mixing with your products and create new collaboration with many companies around the world.

Always keep making the air clean.  New countermeasure for the sick house syndrome.
Main effect of Bansei Construction Method
Detoxify the room air contaminated with VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), the main cause of sick-house syndrome generated from building materials and furniture.
This method enables to reduce the numerical values of the concentration of the 6 kinds of toxic chemical substances lower than the numerical value indicated by the “housing performance indication system” recommended by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism”

It is easy to use anywhere!
It can be used not only for the new houses but housing construction in general. How to use is easy, just mix and apply, anyone can easily do it!


What is sick-house syndrome?
VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) such as house dust caused by the contaminated room air is considered as one cause of the sick house. These toxic chemical substances cause health problems.  Especially those with allergic disease, children, patient or elderly are concerned. 


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