Main components of Bansei are plants.

Ingredients are botanical components, mainly based on Japanese knotweed, persimmon leaves, Artemisia.

Bansei soap“Miracle Cleaning Powder” rinsing water becomes feed for fish and cleanses the river.

Natural Homes, Bansei construction method
DIY uses the same liquid as professional carpenters do.

Always keep making air fresh.  New idea for answering of sick houses
Create healing atmosphere ~ecological house ~
Bansei method

Render buildings free from the VOC which is generated from the building materials and it is the main cause of sick building syndrome.
Other than the VOC, bad odor from tobacco, pet and rubbish will also disappear!

Bansei method uses the Bansei liquid which is extracted from the natural plant.  It is blended with chemical substances, daily odors, and deal with sick house and environmental stress.

Throughout the year, we provide you a comfortable living place.

 Fight off sick houses! 
Bansei method makes the air density of toxic chemical substances lower than the value followed by Japanese “The Housing Performance Display System” which is recommended by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

 Control humidity 
Bansei method assimilate the humidity when the temperature rise and keeps houses free from condensation and molding.

 It removes daily odor 
It harmonizes tobacco odor, odor from the garbage and pets and turns them into odorless to make the air clean.

 Stop absorbing the static electricity and dust 
Avoiding the static electricity generation will keep the floor, ceiling and wall free from becoming dirty.

 Prevent bugs spread 
It can prevent termites from invading due to its effect of keeping off bugs.

 Energy saving 
It can expect the energy savings when using air-conditioner to absorb the heat in summer and the cold in the winter.

 No side effects! 
It is the essence extracted from the plant; therefore, it is free from side effects unlike chemical agents.

 The effect lasts long 
This product is unlike the other materials such as coal, its effect lasts long.

It is suitable not only for new houses but also for reform constructions in various ways.

Reform in general

Foundation concrete

リフォーム全般.jpg コートパウダー01.jpg

Interior wallpaper
works in general

Foundation, floor,
pillar works

内装クロス工事全般.jpg 土台・床下・柱工事.jpg

Interior dying, coloring in general
Floor, attic works
Control VOC and odors generating from tatami and carpets
House cleaning, decoration
Plaster tile works
Humidity control for storage, closet, shoe cupboard, mold control

Safe, reliable and low cost housing construction is available.

Why not experience living in a healthy, clean air house?

Bansei House experience
Interview with Shinetsu Broadcasting

 What is sick building syndrome? 

Sick building syndrome occurs when people suffer from the health disorder due to the contamination of the room air.  Room air contamination caused mainly by the particle matter, and chemical substance.  Particle matters include bed bugs, fungus, bacteria (biological agent), cigarette smoke, house dust, etc.  Chemical substance means volatile organic compound (VOC), which is the cause of the sick house and is attracted a lot of attention right now.  The best known VOC is formaldehyde which is used as an adhesive preservative for building materials, interior decorations, furniture.  VOC is also widely used in daily commodities, such as insecticide, aromatics. These toxic chemical substances cause us health disorder.  Especially, influences to those with allergic diseases, children, patients and elderly are feared. 

Do not use building materials for other purposes.




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